Sunday, 24 January 2016

Seamwork Rio

I sewed my first Seamwork pattern!

 Once I discovered Seamwork I showed amazing restraint in not subscribing immediately after I saw the patterns available, and I love that you can choose any two each month. I was only able to refrain as it was so close to my birthday and Christmas. In the mean time I drooled over the patterns planning what I wanted to make first!

When I finally subscribed, the latest Body Issue was out and after seeing the pictures of the Rio on the beautiful real model Seamwork used I knew I wanted the Rio to be my first project. I loved the look of the drop hem at the back and the split hem.

I purchased two lots of fabric that was going to be either used for the Rio or a Santa Fe by Peekaboo Patterns. As I have already made one Santa Fe I wanted to start with the Rio.

I loved, loved, loved making this t-shirt. I love the pattern instructions, I have only made one other (so far anyway!) Colette Pattern, the Wren, and I found the instructions just as consistent and perfect for a sewing newbie like me.

I did have a couple of "Hmmm" (aka problem solving) moments with sewing the split hem and attaching the neckband.

Before, looks a bit messy
I found with the material I purchased (from Spotlight) curled a little on the raw edges. So I reinforced the split with some iron-on interfacing, which worked a treat. I also found I needed to add a little interfacing to bar-tack the top of the split hem to ensure the stitching would not come undone. I also double stitched the bar-tack as well.

With interfacing from the wrong side, prior to the bar-tack

My best twin needle stitching to date - Go Me!!

When attaching the neckband the instructions suggest lining up the seams of the neckband and the left shoulder. However I found with such a large scoop neck it was difficult to get the neckband even. So I put the neckband seam at the centre of the back and it was much easier to pin the raw edges evenly.

As I was in between two sizes I adjusted the pattern. This was not something I had tried before and I wanted to ensure a good fit. The instructions suggest making the bigger of the two sizes but I had already cut out my pattern pieces before I read that suggestion. Luckily I think I got a better fit by adjusting the pattern, so I don't regret my reading oversight!


I used the following Tutorial by The Sewing Geek to adjust the pattern. I found the diagrams used in particular helpful as I admit I didn't read much as I was in a rush (ok I was being impatient due to limited sewing time).

I really enjoyed sewing this t-shirt and I may make a second one with a contrasting coloured fabric for a patch pocket and neckband.

Thanks for reading!
SJ x

Potential for casual wardrobe?

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